Paramose™ Carbon & Grease Removal

Paramose™ may be best know as a paint stripper. However at Chemicals Ltd we have created products that are specifically aimed at commercial carbon and grease removal. Applying our technical know-how to this area has created the UK's finest chemical solutions for cleaning commercial kitchens, garages, with many marine and technical applications.


Paramose CGR Carbon Grease Remover (non EU use only)

25 litre • 205 litre


CGR - industrial strength grease & carbon removal

Used for the rapid removal of grease and carbon from baking trays, machinery, engines etc. As a tank dip, it is suitable for use on 80th steel and aluminium trays and components, cleaning in a fraction of the time of comparable products



paint stripper for metal 


Paramose SP10 Super Heavy Duty Degreaser

1 litre • 2 litre • 5 litre • 25 litre


SP10 for degreasing safely

Ultra effective degreaser, removing up to 5mm of grease, grime and oil etc from hard surfaces. It is recommended as a per-treatment prior to painting, in order to achieve the very best results.

A superb neutraliser and wash-down solution, its low hazard formulation makes it very safe to use.

Used extensively by contract cleaners.




paint stripper for metal 

Important Product Notice

Paramose paint and varnish remover contains Dichloromethane which is now restricted under European regulation 455/2009/EC. From the 6th December 2011 restrictions are in place to limit the sale of this product to INDUSTRIAL USE - which means a facility for paint stripping activities. Orders can not be dispatched until the attached industrial declaration form has been signed and checked.

Other products containing Dichloromethane sold and used for other purposes (e.g. degreasing, adhesive removal, DCM gel cleaning), are not banned and can continue to be sold and used (for uses other than stripping paint). Those products are as follows

Paramose ARC Thin - Adhesive remover and cleaner • Paramose ARC thick - Adhesive remover and cleaner • AS1 Industrial strength Adhesive stripper • AS10 Industrial strength Adhesive stripper!


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