Paramose™ Graffiti Remover Products

Chemicals Ltd have developed a range of products for the effective and safe removal of graffiti. Paramose™ has a range of products to deal with anything from stains or marks such as felt pen or marker, to graffiti that would traditionally have been thought of as impossible to remove.

We are constantly developing new products and are specialists in creating specific treatments for specific problems - in particular on public transport, in council housing and other areas that see high levels of vandalism. Let us know your problem and we can create products to treat almost any surface that has been vandalised.


Paramose Anti Graffiti Lacquer

2.5 litre • 5 litre


Ideal for public areas. A superb high performance water-borne twin pack acrylic/urethane lacquer, which offers a highly resistant, tough, durable and easily cleaned finish when cured.

This non-sacrificial coating can be used both internal and externally over existing surfaces ideally used with the Paramose Wipe-Away 200 system.

Also available in white which can be tinted to most British standard colours.

Successfully used by local authorities, housing associations, schools, colleges, universities, bus and rail companies, Civic and Metropolitan councils, NHS Trusts and painters and decorators.




anti graffiti lacquer for masonryanti graffiti lacquer for any surface 



2 part graffiti treatment

3 litre tub (150 wipes) • 600ml spray


Part A - Stain Remover

Formulated for the effective removal of most stains, including grease, wax, lipstick crayon etc from painted and synthetic surfaces. Also to be used as a pre treatment wipe or spray for Part B.


Part B - Graffiti Remover

This unique high performance graf?ti remover has been specially formulated for use on marker, felt tip pen and most other types of graf?ti such as aerosol paint.




graffiti remover wipe away 


Paramose Masonry Grade Graffiti Remover

1 litre • 5 litre • 25 litre


Paramose MGR is a thixotropic water rinseable brush or roller applied graf?ti remover especially developed to allow the removal of heavy graf?ti from porous surfaces including brick, stone and concrete without leaving behind the staining usually associated with more conventional graf?ti removers.




anti graffiti lacquer for masonry 


Paramose Wipe-Away 100 Polycarbonate Cleaner

2.5 litre • 5 litre


Wipe Away 100 - a simple solution for common graffiti

Designed and developed to remove felt tip pen crayon and aerosol paint etc from delicate surfaces such as plastic seats, polycarbonate windows etc. Easy application - just wipe on and wipe off with a damp cloth. Wipe-Away 100 continues to be used successfully by both national rail and bus companies.




graffiti remover for plastic 


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