Paramose™ TS5 and TS10 Tank Stripper

Paramose™ has earned its reputation as one of the leading paint and varnish removers in the world. But we do more than just remove paint and varnish.

As you will see, we have a range of products that can remove just about any coating from any surface - not only is Paramose™ tough enough for the job, it is user friendly and has very low hazard ratings.

Paramose™ has a product for making just about any surface as good as new.


Paramose Tank Stripping Equipment

25 litre


TS5 Tank Stripper - time saving & economical

User friendly powerful wood stripper for paint and varnish etc, used by craftsmen and professionals in the wood finishing, furniture restoration and antiques trades.

Does not dry quickly or darken wood. Will remove multi - coat systems with ease.


TS10 Tank Stripper

Used for all the above, but specially adapted to aid the removal of twin packs and lacquers as well, a fabulous all round product as used by the antique and furniture restorers, cabinet makers, antique architectural salvage and reclamation companies.




paint stripper for metalpaint stripper for wood 

Important Product Notice

Paramose paint and varnish remover contains Dichloromethane which is now restricted under European regulation 455/2009/EC. From the 6th December 2011 restrictions are in place to limit the sale of this product to INDUSTRIAL USE - which means a facility for paint stripping activities. Orders can not be dispatched until the attached industrial declaration form has been signed and checked.

Other products containing Dichloromethane sold and used for other purposes (e.g. degreasing, adhesive removal, DCM gel cleaning), are not banned and can continue to be sold and used (for uses other than stripping paint). Those products are as follows

Paramose ARC Thin - Adhesive remover and cleaner • Paramose ARC thick - Adhesive remover and cleaner • AS1 Industrial strength Adhesive stripper • AS10 Industrial strength Adhesive stripper!


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